Saturday, 11 October 2008

Random ramblings of a not so sober lassie.

So anyways, quite hyper at the minute listening to Oasis tracks!
I went to Liverpool on Wednesday and Thursday and Oasis were playing there on Weds night and I saw them getting onto their tour coach thing! Certainly made me a wee bit excited.
Also went to Anfield!!!! Woo! And went to see the famous statues of the Beatles and to The Cavern! Was very cool!
I don't really know what to write at the minute. Watched a bit of XFactor tonight and omg how brilliant are all of them (apart from that Daniel bloke who got in purely on sympathy but will possibly improve- we can hope). But yeah, I wish I could sing! Music is my life, I wish that I could have like a soundtrack to my life, like on a film or some TV programmes.
I'm just babbling! Went to see the guy I'm seeing for a bit tonight and drank a wee bit!
By the way, if anyone actually reads this, check out these 2 songs, Oasis- Whatever and Neil Innes- How Sweet To Be An Idiot. Oasis got done for plagiarism because their track is so similar but to be honest they both sound like the Beatles (Love them) so surely they could have both just been inspired by the lovely Beatles?
Nighty night!
Love me...

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